Making Hydraulics realistic and strong

Hello, i’ve been looking for this for a very long time but I have never founch such a thing. Basicly i’m looking for a way to make hydraulics realistic and strong. Because now it looks like they are made out of gel, so soft and weak and bouncy.

Now of course I have tried 1000 different ways and always use more than 1 hydraulic and make the weights of the moving prop maximum before lowering the weight so they are still stronger, but you always hit gmod limits and it acts like some sort of very soft spring.

If you wanna make a tow truck for trucks for example, there is no way of making it really strong and realisticly without using very big levers that look unrealistic, or without going crazy on the weights.

So why isn’t there some sort of hydraulic mod yet? Pneumatic even. Some hydraulic that you can put between 2 points and it will actually be strong and capable in order to make realistic contraptions with realistic, strong hydraulics. Or is there some sort of work around? I’m ok with building but programming isn’t really my thing, so maybe something like this which is strong already exists in e2, if that’s the case feel happy to share. But i’m open for other idea’s too. Maybe someone even want’s to see if they can make a pneumatic tool, it’s a bit much to ask but i’m sure i’m not the only one getting annoyed with this.:rolleyes:

In this pic you see a quick crappy example of where you could use such strong hydraulics without it being too weak and acting like a soft spring.

Thanks for the input and idea’s!

I think it could be done by making a prop that is moved using Lua rather than applying force to it using a hydraulic…

If you make a script that makes a prop have a pivot, and just change it’s angle, what you want is very possible, even with very little weight.