Making injuries more realistic

Firstable I love this game and how it brings up the concept of survival and realism
But I feel like the game is lacking realism and survival concept in gunshots,melee and explosions.

  • I am thinking that it would be cool if there would be added “hydrostatic shock” for example (where the person who get shot, wouldnt be able to perform well or be paralyzed in some way)
  • added chance where the bullet dont fly through and stays in the body
  • Crippling/broken legs or even more fatal damage from granades/explosions
  • More damage from melee weapons (I think that melee shall cause more damage(if you think about real world) but also that it requires some skill and patient to come close with a hatchet to a person with a m4)
  • Healing wounds should take time and make character unable to move (common sense :))
  • Changing health with amount of blood(could be interesting feature, where at the low rate of blood, character performs bad, vision is blurred and etc.)
  • making health recover slower (with food, medkits) (it would bring more realism into the game and make people to be more cautions when they are going into the fights)

Infected bullet wounds! I want noobs to suffer and die slowly from infection when i shoot them!