Making it possible to hear direction of custom sounds?

I’m sorry if this is the wrong section to post this, I’ve been looking around a bit and I’ve seen quite a few “server help” threads here so I decided to try here.

I have an issue with my PropHunt server regarding custom taunts. The taunts themselves work fine, however, it’s impossible to hear which direction they are emitting from. According to all info & guides I could find, they are supposed to be 44100Hz 16-bit wav files. I have tried this, but it makes no difference. So I checked the default taunts using MediaInfo, and it turns out the default files are actually 44100 Hz 8-bit MONO files, so I converted all my taunts to that as well, same issue. What am I doing wrong, or rather, what do I need to do to make it possible for players to be able to hear where the audio is coming from? Also, I’m 100% positive that this is NOT a client-side issue.

I’d really appreciate some help!

Hi Shadow. When the other person plays the taunt and you hear it, how do you hear it? Do you hear it everywhere no matter which way you face or if you spin around while the taunt is playing? Have you altered the init.lua at all? If you can hear the sound then the format of the sound doesn’t matter.

pl:EmitSound(<path to sound file>, 100)

Should be all you need I’d guess. If it is surface.PlaySound(), then you would hear it no matter which way you faced.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, it can be heard everywhere, it gets lower if I noclip faaaar out the map. It also changes with some environments, like if you’re in a sewer it can echo etc, but it’s still impossible to hear where it is coming from. The only thing I’ve done is added the sound files to the PropHunt taunt configuration, and put the sounds on my server as well as my FastDL Server. Where is this init.lua file?

Hold on, before touching the init.lua. Maybe it’s possible the sound file is too loud? gamemodes\prophunt\gamemode\init.lua if you want to look around. If you haven’t changed anything, I wouldn’t change anything now. If you didn’t extract the files, then never mind any of that and let’s stick to the sound file and the sh_config.lua.

I appreciate the help! Gonna try now to render all the audio files much lower and se if it makes a difference.

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Ok, tried lowering the taunts a lot, it’s still the same thing…ugh…So it isn’t related to the volume of the taunts…

Ok. Did the original taunts that came with prop hunt work as expected? Are you working on a custom gamemode of prop hunt or all you want to do is add more taunt sounds by editting the sh_config.lua file?

I’m running Prop Hunt and the default taunts work perfect. I want mine to function like them.

This is the version of PropHunt:

I extracted it using GMad to be able to configure it to my likings (custom taunts etc) on my server. I just want to have my own taunt sounds working like the default ones.

Aye, I don’t have that version of Prop Hunt installed. When I get home later, I’ll give it a look and see how I can help further.

Alright, thank you!

Hi, I didn’t want you to think I forgot about you. I got the mod and extracted it. It turns out that that version of Prop Hunt is one of the original versions. Nice! However, I couldn’t get any taunt sounds to work at all. I’m not sure why. As a test, can you disable the other mod, and install and extract the files and edit the sh_config.lua to include some custom taunts and see if it works for you? It did for me. I know this is probably not the answer you are looking for, but hopefully this other mod will work for you.

Gonna try it now. Will report back…

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Ok, yes. It works correctly on that gamemode. I can hear where the sound is emitting from. I understand that this was just a test to see if it works, but I really want the original (well, the one I was using) for the game mode…this one…well…sucks, IMO.

So…what the HELL is the problem? Its not the sound files but something about the game mode…It’s literally exactly the same files, I just pasted the taunt files from my previous sh_config to this new one…

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Actually…it is working…it’s the god damn volume…wow…thanks for the help.