Making Jailbreak For S&Box (Gamemode)

What is Jailbreak? (JB)
Jailbreak is a round based gamemode that takes place in a prison between two teams, the prisoners and the guards. The guards must keep the order and prevent a rebellion, meanwhile the prisoners can either follow along or rebel. Each round a guard is chosen as the warden and gets to decide what fun activities the prison will be doing. If there is only one prisoner left alive who isn’t rebelling they get to decide what happens next round.

Jailbreak was at one point a fairly popular game on Garry’s Mod. Unfortunately due to the lack of innovation/change in the last couple of years (Same maps for 5+ years), the gamemode has died down to just a few server, if that even. The goal is to innovate on its features and revitalize the JB community.

Development Progress/Planning
While waiting for S&Box access I have been busy planning out how I would like to develop and design the gamemode. Once I get S&Box access I plan to spend 1-2 weeks on little experiments to get a bearing with the engine before I decide to create an entire gamemode.

I’m going to be periodically replying to this thread with development/planning updates as I go.

If anyone has any questions or wants to help out feel free to message me on the forums or via discord: Ancient Entity#2958


My Garry’s Mod community had a fully active Jailbreak server at the end of last year but it eventually died. The reason? Everyone got bored. The gamemode as it exists in Garry’s Mod is simply too repetitive to keep a consistent player base. I would recommend that if you want this to be successful to rethink Jailbreak to give it more twists, or a sense of variety and progression. Good luck!


Really keen to see jailbreak make a return I loved playing this when I was younger


Yo AncientEntity! Awesome seeing you here. I’ve been following your work for a while now. Great stuff.

I feel that there’s a lot of innovative approaches you could take while reinventing Jailbreak. I’ve been working on a few concept maps using Hammer. One map is a panopticon styled prison with destructible terrain and walls. I’ll have to post some updates on these forums at some point.

Jailbreak at it’s peak was a fun time. Lots of good memories. I’m excited to see it in the spotlight once again.

Good luck with the project!!


I used to play tons of JB, have about 500 hours in CSGO on it. I would love for there to be something like randomly assigned classes maybe to give it some new feeling.

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The problem I find with most jailbreaks is that like DarkRP, it has to be managed by a lot of admins and they have to make sure no one is breaking the rules. Also reading an entire dictionary list of rules to how to play is just awful. Usually by making one mistake, if your playing as guard, you would either get banned or have to switch back to the other team.

I really think the core concept of Jailbreak should be changed or atleast make another new gamemode like Jailbreak but with different concepts. This is how I think the new Jailbreak should work.

Aka get rid of all the LR, the random weird gamemodes, the parkour, the surf, no vents in cells, no secret vents, all of that gone. The gamemode is now instead based on teamwork. Guards are only NPCs, none of them are players. The story is that for each round, each prisoner is sentenced to immediate death. The prisoners are held in the most secured prison on the planet. The entire prison itself is also underground. Your objective is to escape the prison. When you start into the gamemode, all the prisoners are placed in separate holding areas. Each area is connected by a hallway. Hallways themselves can be secured also, and have traps like electric gates. The first task is to kill a few guards and grab their weapons. You grab more weapons and unlock rooms to grab more equipment. Overtime, waves of guards will start to come to the area you are in (like around to 10s or 100s). Overtime the guards will keep upgrading, getting armor, getting faster, up the point of helicopters, tanks, and robots. Each room have defense mechanisms like ceiling turrets, deadly toxic gas, or just loads of guards waiting at the entrance of the room. All rooms will have cameras which will alert the guards of where you are at. Aka guards will always know where your located. At the end you all go to a main elevator gate and start to open it, which at this point the players all have upgrades and weapons. It’s also the first part of the hardest part as each door way will release constant guards. After the main elevator gate opens. The elevator takes you up to one of the hardest part which is outside. Your surrounded by walls, security guns, helicopters, tanks, and if you end up killing all of them after that then you win the round.

That’s what I think Jailbreak should of been instead of just an alternative strict RP gamemode.

Yeah definitely! My first 500 hours was solid JB before I expanded onto other gamemodes.


I do hate those rule bibles, and unfortunately most gamemodes suffer from that problem. For this I will be trying my best to reduce those situations in the first place.

I feel like your gamemode ideas are good, but it is so disconnected from JB that it is just its own thing.


Here is an idea/twist!

What if the prisoners had a crime selected to them at the start of the round.
Each crime will have its own buffs and debuffs which then would be used to escape.
For example:

Assault: Buff - Extra damage in fist brawls.
Debuff - Only knocks people out

Murder: Buff - Good at killing people
Debuff - Higher Security

Of course there are lots of crimes that can be added with combination of things.
But this is on a basic level because i am not trying to add more rules or make like a prisonrp thing, Just something to spice up the gameplay in how people would act or escape.

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Honestly I like this, I’ll keep it in mind, as well as have it toggleable.

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For someone with over 1000 hours on TTT across Garry’s Mod and CS:GO this interests me greatly.

From what I’ve noted, people remain marginally more interested in CS:GO’s Jailbreak rather than Garry’s Mod because there’s a more competitive feeling to it usually. It feels like there’s something to improve at, be it getting better at the minigames or rebelling or anything like that. It keeps the player retention more than Garry’s Mod does.

Every server has a bad problem with the rules things, and Jailbreak by it’s chaotic nature does suffer from that, but it can be done right. To be honest, perhaps going down the more traditional Jailbreak line but allowing variation in how it’s played might be best. In that way anyone can find a server that would fit their attitude, though that would make it harder to also find the server you want in ways. I’d personally try and model it after CS:GO or TF2 Jailbreak at this point if you were gonna focus more on one side of it. Big thing to have might be including things in game like an easily editable Last Request menu and basic things so that servers don’t have to make it themselves and give it some consistency.

I’m looking forwards to whatever happens either way! I think that this project excites me and I hope it goes well, so good luck!

Thank you! I totally agree and will be trying a lot of different things out.

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Jailbreak ? I’m IN.

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End Of May Update
I’ve been decently busy with school, however as school comes to a close I’ve been hard working on trying out hammer, and more recently have started making UI mockups, as well as working on a trello to help keep track of the gamemode.

Here are some images of the UI mockups.
I’ve tried keeping it fairly simple, and slick.

The weapon selection menu will pop up whenever you try switching weapons. (The grey border isn’t actually there, only in the screenshot)

Alongside this I have joined MechaGaming, which consists of a few others developers, some of which will be helping me with models/mapping.

Anyways I’m gonna keep working on the UI and I’m very excited to start programming once I procure a key, opinions/suggestions on the UI are welcome.