making jobs for custom gamemode

Hey guys, After a few questions got answered, i understood i should make my jobs in a table, which the syntax be like this:

Now to my question, How would i save the jobs?
Lets say there is a menu that has set up the players job, how will i save it on his own ply?
would this be avaliable:
ply.job =[“Citizen”]?

If you don’t mind me asking, is this for something like DarkRp? Or is this for a gamemode your
creating from scratch?

Also, by save do you mean set the player to that job specified, or save it for when you re-log
back into the server again to spawn as the job?

this gamemod is mine from scratch.
and i dont need to save it every time players log in.

As I told you, if you are giving your jobs something unique such as id or a name then you don’t have to save the whole table on the player but only it’s name/id.

Couldn’t you have the name the same as the table index, then when you need to find out their job, just get their job name and do[name] to get their job?

Hey guys, After starting my gamemode on Garry’s mod, this is what it says for me:

do you guys know what that means?
never mind, restarted gmod and it fixed it self.

That’s what I meant.
And I told him that before but he didn’t listen.