Making key

I want make key that will run the command


to some client side

i tired from it i tryed it just not working!

Thanks you.

Please explain a bit better?

I want when someone press F4

It’s run client side command “open_menu”

Oh, it’s realy simple

Thanks you :slight_smile:

No problem (:

I have one more question

On my menu i did like icons when you click it do something everything cool

But i want it show prices

When people touch them

It show ther model url (LOL)

How i can change it?

By your description I think that you’re talking about a tooltip, you can change this very easily:

PANEL:SetTooltip(strTooltip or boolActive)



I mean when you on menu (like menu :S that you can buy items and things)

You touching with the mouse on something and it shows like yellow thing that says “models/prop/blablalba”

That’s called a tooltip.

Oh you right im sorry :S