Making listenserver: Account "logged in somewhere"

So my problem is basic, frustrating most bullshitting thing I have had my nerves wrecked by today and I hope it is gonna end soon or ent_dynamite will be raging over whole house.


I try to make a Listenserver in garrysmod, when I do try so, after the garrysmod’s fast 6 minute load I always get message in lines of (since my steam and thus Gmod is in different language) “your steam account is logged in elswhere, please sign in” then there is button what say “sign in”

now, I know this is just garrysmod, since TF2 can make a listen server fine, and all works.

only other peculiar thing that also is in Gmod is that when I close it hl2.exe of it still stays and runs on background, and needs to be shut by process manager…

I already cleaned cache, dua, configs, unwanted addons, etc etc. - tried different maps, restarted steam 6 time, restarted machine once. Just getting more and more pissed since I had plans and now one whole hour wasted on just shit not working and trying to make it work, when it seems to have mind of it’s own and it doesn’t want to.


Cleaned EVERYTHING (whole GMOD folder)
Still does the same (bullshitting) thing.

Cleaning steam out and reporting back…

Update final:

Cleared everything from steam folder that I could think of and it was resolved…

If this happens again, simply delete “clientregistry.blob” found in your main steam folder, and then restart steam.