Making maps, can't find the tool.

So for fun I just want to have a look at map creation.
I googled and found that I should be using Source SDK MP - which I downloaded.
I only have “Video stress test” when I start it, and options/quit.

Is it not Hammer anymore?

It should be just “Source SDK”

Downloading, thank you.

Actually, just go to /steamapps/common/Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer/bin and hammer.exe should be in there.

What’s the difference anyway? I never really got it myself but as long as Source SDK itself works I won’t do anything else. Unless I can improve it.

There’s not if you use the same configs, but it’s easier since he already has the 2013 base installed.

With the steam pipe update, the source SDK from steam itself is useless, you must start hammer manually. Why valve hasn’t gotten around to fixing it themselves ( and perhaps updating hammer for once) I’m not sure