Making maps for gmod in sketchup

So after a while of thinking I decided to attempt to make gmod maps, I found hammer to be a little to complicated and found millions of different way of doing everything. So I had already got sketchup when a friend of mine told me I can use that, so I downloaded all the nessesary plugins to do it all watch a outdated tutorial and guess what it didn’t work(who would have guessed :D). And that was the only tutorial I found, so if anyone here can help me with this problem or direct me in the right direction please to. The problem starts after export, I used the pre-made map “myfirst_su_level” exported it as a vmf as instructed then hammer. So I was told to make a profile called garry’s mod but it wont work on any of the maps a error just pops up that says “Error: map may be missing visual effects” and then when you press ok the views go blank.

Please help really want to figure this out thanks again :D.

Ask here:

Uh, I would GREATY advise against using SketchUp, Hammer is more powerful. Now, to compile your map you can use HL2, CS:S or TF2 hammer editor, either one will work, you’ll just have to move the map to GMod folder. You can even set up a profile for GMod if you want. Hammer is located in steamapps/common/<game>/bin/hammer.exe

Hammer from Garry’s Mod or SourceSDK WILL NOT WORK.

Hammer from SDK 2013 will work.

Do you have any good tutorials of recommendation?