Making model animations in a seperate mdl

Hello, so I have been working on some Skyrim SNPCs for a while now and the one thing that is the most frustrating is having to put the same animations over and over for each model. I understand that you can make a mdl that consist of the animations and then include that into the base model’s qc. I however, have no idea how to start this process. I tried just exporting the animations without the mesh and then including that into the base model(without the animations) and it didn’t work. If you could please help it would be most appreciated and would make this pack come along a lot faster.

~ Cpt. Hazama

Just compile one model with the animations, and then for every other model, include the animated one in the QC. That should work

They also need to have the valvevipid bone structure (or however the fuck its called)

They don’t have to use the ValveBiped structure as long as all the bones in the included model and the model including it match up.

Thats true, i didnt read a lot of the OP and i thought he was trying to get player animations to a model to make it a playermodel, but its just animations to a model, not player model.

Thanks man, this worked perfectly. I didn’t even think to try this =D