Making my first gamemode with basic LUA knowledge.

I have basic LUA knowledge which I learned from here. And I figured “If I want to be sufficient at LUA, I should start a project!.” And with that, I am going to create “NSS Roleplay” Which stands for “Not-So-Serious roleplay.”

Any tips and ideas would be appreciated. Also links to good LUA tutorials would help also.

If you are starting from scratch, start working on GMod 13 so that it will at least be somewhat useful in 2 months when the 13 update is released. That way you can also use the new networked library.

Start with something simpler than a roleplay gamemode or you’ll get discouraged. Start with something really simple… for instance, a deathmatch gamemode. Should be easy enough, two teams and a round system.

Work on it from there and eventually delve into roleplay gamemodes and whatnot. Don’t set the bar too high.

I’m not doing a big big roleplay gamemode like Tiramisu or openaura etc. Its going to be like HL2DM Rp. But your right, I might just start off smaller.

Another good idea is to base off of Fretta, or maybe just install DarkRP and edit, add in jobs, try to add in little features, etc. It’s easier to start off something too.