Making network functions in shared lua file?

I don’t know if this will work:



function postPlayerNotificationAll( message )



function postPlayerNotification( ply, message )



Basically this is in my shared.lua file for my gamemode, and I want to be able to call one of these two functions from any of the server-side files that include shared.lua.
But I don’t know if you can add functions in the shared file, and then call them from another file directly.
This is just to make my life easier. But will it work?
I am not in a position were I can test in in-game. I can only code it… - silly me.

Any help is appriciated :smiley:

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This is not how GLua works. The term “to include” in, GLua refers, to executing a file. Said file can then, for example, contribute to the global scope of any instance of Lua (such as declaring a global function, which is what you’re trying to do). It is not like C/C++ where if you include a header, its prototypes are only valid within the compilation unit of the file that included said header. What it seems to me that you’re trying to do makes no sense in a clientside environment, so I don’t get why you insist on running it in a shared environment (shared meaning that it is run on both the server and the client). You should move it to a file that’s only included on the server.

Thanks a lot, this did the trick for me :wink:

I am adding it to shared because I want all the serverside files to be able to access the global function. I know I could make a sv_globalfunctions.lua and place them there, followed by me including the file in all the other server-side files. But I want to keep the file-count to a minimum for this one.

Thanks alot :smiley:

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