Making new Gmod hands models be used on other custom sweps without having to edit weapon model itself

After gmod update ( 165 ) we now have the default counter-strike weapons like deagle, glock, m16 and else with custom hands models, such as a glove, zombie model, etc(examples in images on the attachments bellow). Is there a way anyone can help me making a lua code for the weapons shared.lua file which will make it use the new hand models instead of the default one? The cstrike weapons have a hands model starting with c_ instead of v_, although, the hands models are also in separated files, which I think would make things easier…

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Tbh, I’m still so very confused on what you’re asking here. It looks like you’re asking how to get the new hand models on your guns, but from the screenshots, it looks like you have already accomplished that.

The hands models only apply to default CS Source weapons, I want to know how to add them to custom weapons.

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I can tell you, small details can make a server very different and much more attractive for people.

By custom weapon I mean, any weapon model… got it?

The weapon has to be compiled to take advantage of this system.

Awesome! Thank you, I`m trying to find a tutorial on how to edit scripted weapon models… Does anyone have a link?

Could someone tell me the file name and location of arms of Gordon Freeman

To use them with any updated cs strike weapon write cl_playermodel stripped at console… (sandbox gamemode)… Later I check out the place of the hands models

Okay, so how would I put them on Madcow weapons?

If you’re talking about the HEV suit hands, which I have to assume you are, then the directory should be…


Also, in order to make the Viewmodel Hands appear on weapons, the weapon must not have hands already attached and support this feature. For Madcow or anything else that uses the default CSS weapons, the viewmodel has to be changed from v_ to c_. Example…




By default, the Viewmodel Hands are changed based on whatever model you’re using. If you are using a custom gamemode that doesn’t have player classes setup or want a certain model associated with certain hands, then start by looking at the link Vexx posted.

Hope that helps anyone confused.

I did exactly as you say, I tried it with the Galil CSS weapon, change it from:

SWEP.ViewModel            = "models/weapons/v_rif_galil.mdl"


SWEP.ViewModel            = "models/weapons/cstrike/c_rif_galil.mdl"

And I ended up with a galil with no hand models… what did I do wrong?
Also thank you for your patience and help
Could it have anything to do with SWEP.HoldType?

Are you on Sandbox?

Is [lua]SWEP.UseHands = true[/lua] ?

Ah yeah, silly me. I forgot this part… :confused: Make sure that line of code is in your weapon.

Oooooh thats probably it! THANK YOU <3 I`ll try that as soon as I get home.

Soo… Would I do like SWEP.HandModel =“models/weapons/c_arms_hev.mdl”