Making outside areas?

Making outside areas have been hard for me in a long time. I suck at making up details for stuff like streets. Making stuff like streets has been a skill i have never had. Everyone is probably gonna rate me stupid.

I’m just asking;
Is there any tutorials on making streets or do you have any tips for me?


for streets, make the sidewalk, then the street. looks alot better.

Thanks! i actually always made the main road first!

Any more tips for me? :smiley:

It will be easier if you make a 3D skybox for your map first, that way it won’t look so bad because if you have buildings everywhere around the map it actually looks like you’re in a city instead of a random floating street with a bunch of buildings.

After that, it’s good to layout the roads first and then do the buildings, don’t detail anything yet, focus on the main layout and then start texturing and adding detail.

Focus more detail on the areas that are going to be playable, give small details everywhere else so that the buildings don’t look the same, try adding something unique to every building that makes it look different from all the others in one way or another.

Not that I’ve done a complete city in Hammer, but that’s how I would approach it.