Making PAC3 play a sound when attacking

Hi all, I’m working on making weapon model replacements using PAC3 for TTT. At the moment, I currently have a model replacing the TTT knife swep via PAC3, and that works great! No issues there right now. The issue I am having, though, is that I can’t seem to figure out how to get a soung to play when attacking or when actually hitting someone. I’ve looked into it and found this page, and looked through the relevant examples included with PAC3, but I’m having no luck with getting this to work. I’m going to post some screenshots of the relevant parts of the PAC below, but here’s the entire PAC if you want to load it up and take a look yourself.[/t]


As you can see, I’m checking animation_event to see if the attack animation event is going off. Inverting this event doesn’t solve the issue, nor does placing it inside the viewmodel section of the PAC instead of the world model part of it. Beyond that, that only covers the scenario where the player is attacking at all, but I’d also like to play a different sound when they’re actually hitting someone, if possible. If anyone has any insight on this, I’d be very appreciative.


Bump x2, also relevant to my interests.

I would suggest joining the offical pac3 discord server at (its also linked to from the pac3 editor iirc)

Asked there a few times. People aren’t really being helpful, unfortunately.