Making People Join Server - Please Fix

So a few days ago this guy joined my server hes name was something like “!@”, It was just me and my friend on the server. This guy walked over to us and said “Do you want me to fill this server?” We said yes as a joke but he wasn’t joking (Btw server is 32 slot). Then he said “1, 2, 3” and all of a sudden the server had 32 players it took them a while for them to join as we were running TDM and it was a lot to download but after around 5 minutes they spawned in. We pull him aside and ask how he did this he then replied with “I own a server and when a player joins it downloads a addon which allows me to make players join whatever server I want them to”. Me and my friend knew what was coming up, payment. We didn’t want this because it’s wrong in our eyes even if we had no players and he could fill our server. He also mentioned a community that he got “Payment” from to fill their servers, I am not going to mention a name as I ain’t going to shit ster anything. But there is hope in this you can uninstall the “Injection” as I call it by reinstall Gmod. He also mentioned a few number of how many players he could make join my server he said 5,000 its probably not true but its still something. So if any developers see this can you please fix as its exploiting a weakness for money.

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Do you know what addon hes sending to players? If you do, we can get it taken off the workshop…

This has been pretty common for awhile now. Superior Servers exploited this and made a malicious workshop add on that redirected players and players from other communities to their server. Honestly running connect on clients should just be banned in whole.

It’s not hard to redirect players from one server to another.

At least it wasn’t when I last played that was like a year ago.

Still isn’t hard. I’d be amazed if he got 5000 players under his belt anyway as that would fill up over 49 128 slot servers, also being a 1/9th of the daily Gmod player base at peak times.

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Idk but my friend is “infected” you could say. I will get him to send me a copy of his addons but it could be in something else not in addons, like a direct download from the server like maps and materials

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He was probably being a bit cocky with his numbers but we could get a 5,000 slot server pay him £10 over PayPal and see if he was joking (I don’t have him on steam or I would of reported him)

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I don’t know much about lua but by the sounds of it he had a control panel with names and such. That’s not just lua if he had a control panel that’s MySQL, PHP and probably a bit of java so he probably got a good bit of experience. But I feel it would be good to find and block how he does it

Would you happen to have his steam id? If you played with him recently you can find him in your “Recently Played With” on steam

The most amount of slots you can have is 128, would dread to think what 5000 people on one source server would be like, let alone to think of the server capacity needed, would be insane!

Where the players bots you think then or did they seem ligit, out of intrest ( being Did you catch there pings if they were all 5 or did gametracker say anything? (If registered)) ?

This guy could have just moved players from some server he owned to yours easily enough, but no idea why someone would want to do this.

It was a few days ago, does it go back that’s far

I dunno, have a look

Welcome to gmod i guess

Backdoors, workshop stupidity and people begging for money

Serverwatch is at it again!!!

Basically the new spoofing. (In the sense of people just getting popular servers without hard work)

I wanted to know how to move people between servers but that was because i wanted to make a server hopper script that would allow people to move between my ttt and darkrp servers and any others i made later. If the devs blocked this in the gmod itself then it would stop me using that script to help people find my other servers…