Making player models hexed

can you guys hex this npc for me plz if u do post back thanx!


ok heres the npc i need u to hex:

and then umm just post back with the link to it

Its already hexed

I think he meant add animations… but… w.e

yes i did mean animations

here let me rephrase that…i meant to say…can you guys make these into a player model for me…

heres the link again…

ha, that should be easy.

Just find a playermodel for a combine character already, and just replace all the textures and model.

It should work.

I’ll take a whack at it, see what I can do.

ok thanx just send me the link to download when ur done

It’s done…
Course, I couldn’t get the model with all the shit on him, but I got the basic combine dood down…

here’s the DL