Making Pointshop Donator Only?

Hey guys, I haven’t really needed the forums, hence the new account here, but I recently came across a question that I couldn’t seem to find anywhere. So, I have a Garry’s Mod TTT server that is running the latest version of Pointshop. Now, we want to make pointshop donator specific. I’m not at all the expert on LUA programming so I am not sure how to code an addon or plugin that will do this. Is there anyone out there who does know of a mod/plugin/script that follows through with this?

Poon Apple

P.S. If it helps, we are using ULX and ULIB

Hey I realized this is an old post, but I might as well post this for other people to see.
If you want to make a donator only catorgory that will be accessible only to donators, see this video.

I wouldnt have shame in this necropost,