Making precipitation over whole map without making huge block ?

Hi guys ! I am sure you can help me !
I need to make rain eveywhere except several places. So theres my question:
Is there way to make precipitation everywhere without making huge block ? Maybe entity or what ever.
But i need to have precipitation everywhere except one house.
So please help me !

If it were me, I would parent the brush to the player, so as your moving along so does the rain.


a 3D skybod, but it would look weird.

func_precipitation brushes covering the whole map except where it isn’t needed.


Sometimes things like this just take effort and time. Accept it and start working. :3

I have to much areas where should be no rain, i cant curve in it so many boxes O_O

Edit: What if i make box on whole map, and just some boxes with precipitation density set to 0% ? Is it going to change precipitation to OFF while in this box ?

I hope you don’t mean carve. If you’re carving to make things you’re mapping wrong.

Lol, i exacly meant carve, but that was ironic.

Carving is a terrible habit and causes fatal map problems. Use clip.

I use carve only to make windows (quadratic, not rounded) i thought thats not that bad to make windows with carving

it’s still bad, but not as bad as non-square shape carving I admit.

Why is it bad ? Effect is same as making 4 blocks with space between them to put window.
I know that carving rounded things in other things is bad cause of faces, thats reason why i use arch tool, but why curing square in square is bad ?

It can create microbrushes which can lead to microleaks which can affect a variety of things, it usually ends up with hard to resize block configurations, etc.

Mehhhhh… sounds terrible