making printer (entity) that prints you points


I recommend looking at the regular DarkRP printer, or just any printer made for DarkRP. I’m pretty sure it’s very easy to change it to Pointshop points.

the thing is im going to use this for ttt :smiley:

Still, it should be pretty much the same. The only thing i can think of that will not be working is the Notify functions. The rest should work fine.

how can i make it so the timer prints every 25 sec and gives points to user and prints text in chat?

Look at the default DarkRP printer. I spoon fed you yesterday :slight_smile:

hmm, im going to use it in ttt. i made the timers and shit but
i heard ttt doesnt have GetOWner() so my friend told me make ur own…
i have no idea how to make own Getowner() because ply doesnt mean anything?

this is my code so far:

ENT.Type = "anim"
ENT.Base = "base_gmodentity"
ENT.Model = "models/props_c17/consolebox03a.mdl"
ENT.PrintName = "Points Printer"
ENT.Author = "Arctic"
ENT.Spawnable = false
ENT.AdminSpawnable = false
function ENT:Initialize()
        local phys = self:GetPhysicsObject()
        if (phy:IsValid()) then
function ENT:Draw()
function ENT:SetupDataTables()
self:NetworkVar("Entity",1 , "GetOwner")
local ply = self:GetOwner()
function ENT:Initialize() self:Print() end
                timer.Create("Print", 25, 0 ,function() ply:PS_GivePoints(500) end )
                timer.Create("Text", 25,0 function() PrintMessage(HUD_PRINTTALK, "Your Printer has printed you 500 points!" ) end )

help needed

Your code has so many things wrong with it… You need to learn the basics to lua before trying, sorry to say. :frowning:

Try this: