making printer store money inside how :O?


To change the amount for example you’d use self:SetAmount(amt)

yes but i need steps how to mkae it :confused: cuz i have no idea at all



thanks for those m8 , but do you have any advice where i should start from… im really new to lua and i have just done making hud for printer. now i moved to this. this datatable thing is new :confused:

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ok guys basically i dont understand NW at all. if someone could explain me how the DataTable works and other things that i need to make this thing. would be coool :confused:

Don’t use the “float” data type to store money or you’ll get things like

100.000000002 happening after a few calculations…

Don’t assume you can fix it with rounding.

Either use an Int or a string. Int is more efficient but has a limit on how much you can represent with a single Int variable (just over 2 billion).