Making programming accessible to all

Hello everyone.
There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to let your imagination run wild.

It would be great to have a tool to create mods implemented in game for people who have no programming skills.

Currently there are plenty of ideas in the game industry to make up for this.
The plans for Unreal Engine, Scratch, which is another way, and easier to understand in my opinion

Yesterday Electronic Arts announced their game Battlefield 2042, with a sandbox mode allowing to customize games with a Scratch programming system.

Yet EA is a company that makes mass-market games, so even if EA starts to get into it, why not a game like s&dbox, which is supposed to be more free and sandbox.
If mainstream triple A’s start to be more powerful and open than niche sandbox PC games, I think we should start asking ourselves questions.

For me the future of programming, and video games will be similar to Scratch, or will have even more powerful tools, so that everyone can finally create content, and let their imagination run free.
Of course, this tool will have its own wiki to explain how it works, and can be translated for a better compression of the thing.

A mod on Gmod similar to the Unreal Engine plans has been created by the community, but it remains quite limited.

But all this is new, nothing prevents us from imagining something else.
I think that this will be the new challenge of our century, it would be necessary that the game engines are also thought for simplifying programming, but at the same time that it does not restrict us with classic programming.
In the meantime, there is nothing to stop us from creating our own tools.

The time when elitists spit on the beginner will be over, and that’s not a bad thing.
Because these people don’t bring anything, don’t help, and give a bad image.

PS: I used Deepl to translate, sorry if some words are not compressible.

I kinda agree, besides the harsh words against elitists who probably just code professionally, and would also support the idea of a graphical interface to mod.

Also being able to switch freely between code and graphics could be nice, so that beginners could more easily dissect an existing mod and dont do so many spelling mistakes or misuse certain structures, because they just dont know better.

But to be fair, S&box is still in development and there are far more important topics right now. Butin the future I believe it could be a real nice addition to the game.


Hello, thank you for your response.

I have harsh words, because I have experienced this violence, I only aim at people who are not in favor of a greater openness to code, and that does not help in any way to understand, but make it difficult on purpose.

About the importance of my idea, I think you are mistaken.
Creating a simple, fast and complex user interface is very important today, but it is not crucial.
So I consider this functionality to be equally important, I think that at the moment we underestimate these accessibility problems.
But tomorrow, we will not ask ourselves this kind of question, it will seem normal, that we have to think about the accessibility of our tools, so that everyone can use them.

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The only thing Blueprint (aka Scratch) system is good - explaining to someone how programming works. Calling it a “Future of programming” is simply wrong.

EA will be using it because it’s easier than forcing gamers to learn CPP/C#/Lua/JS/etc and the game won’t have as much functionality as S&box.
In something complicated like S&box blueprint system will make everything a mess, which is opposite of what you want.


i dont see any issues,


looks perfectly organized to me, totally not over complicated or less efficient or something like that over time.


a feature like this could take months to implement it’s way easier said then done. Also if there are enough great tools out there then we should allow them to exist for that purpose.

Not every bike should have training wheels.


Totally disagreed. Sbox is still in development. A lot of things gonna change, gonna be added, gonna get removed. Creating such a system now does not make any sense. Additionally, there are a lot of bugs. I can’t imagine a person that does not know programming could create such a good issue report like a programmer that already tried to hunt the bug down and search the reasons that are causing this bug.

It’s a feature you are requesting, not a core mechanic. This can be build on top. As keys are currently still not accessible to everyone, this is definitely not needed now.

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Why should this be something built into the game instead of a Scratch to C# translator? Nothing is ever going to prevent a tool like that from working.

I don’t have anything against Scratch or other visual scripting tools but the difference between a good Scratch programmer and a good “classic” programmer is one of them knows how to type out different Scratch blocks. The logic is otherwise identical.

IMO it’s more of a learning tool - and S&box is not going to primarily be built as a platform to teach people to code.


what the hell is going on here

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Very convenient blueprint system in Unreal Engine that is absolutely destroying performance.

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I have only shared what I know of, but at no time have I said that this is a good tool.
On the contrary, I made it clear that we are at the beginning of the creation of this type of tool, and that other more interesting, powerful, practical tools, etc., will be developed in the near future.

And whether you like it or not, yes it is the future, and we are already there. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t agree with you, I see a lot of “No-code, low-code” communities forming, and these people are doing well.

But I expected no less from the various answers on this hot topic. :sweat_smile:

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But you speak about creating stuff in an already functioning environment, this might be interesting in some future when S&box already works.

But right now the game is in development and people that form around high-level/visual coding, cant really create anything as it would break pretty fast and the developers would need to divide attention to another graphical interface, which is on top of the underlying coding-structure and therefore contains additional unrelated bugs. Somebody that cant program in any lower-level language won’t be able to see the difference between those platform-bugs and is of no help in early development where it is not about creating stuff, but finding bugs and problems while creating stuff.

I try not to seem rude here, because I also like graphical programming for beginners, but not if the main product, the s&box-platform is still not working in all important ways. So I think that it is just a waste of time to already start to get beginners into the boat of early access with such tools. It’s something that can later be added to give everyone the ability to create what they want. :slight_smile:


Blueprint can be nativized as a means to reduce VM overhead.

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I would be careful about using statements such as “yes it is the future, and we are already there.” They both have their pros and cons, just like we have different types of cars, planes, and programming language paradigms.

If you are interested in a comparison of textual and visual programming, you can check out for example this paper which analyzes a case where a visual programming language would fit better than a textual one.

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You need to underrstand programming to understand blueprints, if you dont know what each method does each thing etc, you wont have a clue, its not magic

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I don’t think this should be first-class functionality in s&box. If you want a visual scripting system, you are more than welcome to make one yourself. s&box is more than capable of supporting such an ADDON. (or, more likely, gamemode, for now)

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If you want to programing, just learn it. It is unnecessary to create complicated systems in which it is still not possible to create such a good game mode.


This feature would be nice to have but not necessary.