Making "progress" SWEPs

Hey everyone.

My aim is to make a SWEP that requires one to hold down a button (right mouse button in this case), to complete a “task”.
When the players has been holding down the key for a certain amount of time, a function is called.
But if the player stops holding down the key, the progress stops, and is reset to allow them to do this again.

How would I go about doing this? I’d imagine it being too intensive to do checks in the Think hook, especially as I have to check if the player is looking at a prop (which would require me to do an eye trace every Think).

Any help is much appreciated :smiley:

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If you use ply:GetEyeTrace() it is cached per frame/tick so no matter how many other functions call it that frame the trace is only ran once.

I would do something like this :
On primary attack check the entity they are looking at. If it’s valid for your purposes then store it and set a variable indicating you are progressing. Also store the time so you can check when progress is complete.
In think, if you are currently progressing, check the players trace entity against the stored entity. If they aren’t the same, cancel progressing. If they are the same, check if you reached the time needed to complete progress.

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Shit I left out also checking if they still holding the attack button. Like

Think function pseudo code 
If progressing then 
    If holding attack then
        If trace entity == stored entity then
            If time passed >= time needed to complete then 
                Done progressing
                Still progressing
            Aimed at something else 
        Released attack