Making props into v_ or w_ models

Hai guiz this is a retarded question, I am sure it is so simple. I am unsure if this should go under Lua scripting but I apologize if it is under the wrong section. When you make a weapon for Lua you have to have a view model and a world model, butttt here is the catch what if you want to make a weapon from a prop and there is no v_ or w_ models. Is there anyway to get around this, I would be willing to learn how to do anything I have to do. I would greatly appreciate any help and any help from a forum mod if they have to move this thread if they believe it to be in the wrong section.

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There is no way around it as far as I know, you have to make the models yourself.

also meme in title is not cool

Ok, then will you explain to me the difference between a v_ model and a w_ model?

v_shotgun.mdl shows what you see in first person
w_shotgun.mdl shows what your character holds in third person

This should go under LUA.
I’m pretty positive you can place any prop model in front of the players face using lua. I just don’t know how…

No man you do not comprehend my question, I am saying that I need a v_ model and a w_ model to make a weapon how do I do this or get this or make it.

Is this a troll?

If so, a meme in the title? Really? For shame.

right topic then, he wants v_ and w_ models for his swep, he wants to know how to make/model

Not cool dude, make description better.