Making props invisible?

hey ive been working on a map for a while. and honestly the most fun ive had is hiding the gnome in there for my play tester. anyway i want to make the gnome invisible but still show wireframe model under mat_wireframe 3 to give him a good scare. have them staring at him in every room. is there anyway to do this?

You can edit the model and remove the bounding boxes (or VPhysics, can’t remember how it was called).

Otherwise you can just make a trigger all over the map that will be activating mat_wireframe 0 every step X) (Just a silly thought)

Set the render mode of the prop to “Don’t render”.

tried that. didnt work. you cant run through the gnome but you can see him. wireframe either

If you are using a prop_dynamic I think you can set solidity to none so you can walk through it.

Can you use the Enable and Disable I/O commands for this?

That could work, but I don’t think it will be visible with wireframe when disabled.