Making props stay on server restart?

Alright, say I have a few props; such as a Sign, or a building, and I want those to stay on the map all the time (even through a server restart) and be unremovable. I don’t want to make it so people have to redownload the map (aka editing the map) so is there a way to make props stay?

im going with no.

If you don’t know please don’t reply just to raise your post count. I’m looking for serious answers or at least an explanation why it can’t be done. Not “I don’t think so”. Thanks anyway.

im not saying i dont know, im saying that I’ve never seen anything that would sublement this.

there is, look it up on i saw a few downloads for something like this.

Link Please?

You really can’t, just make a custom map with what you would like to keep.

There was something like with name like permaprop or something, that saves props if u want. I think it would help.

Thanks, that helps a lot.

I stand corrected, awesome :3:

Unless you stored all the prop data into a file or database, and load it on startup.

Soo… like PHP for Gmod?

SQL for GMod

Should I go cry in the corner ashamed that I don’t know what that is now?

Or tableToKeyValues(Table).