Making Realistic Stars

Any suggestions?

I feel like something is wrong.

Btw this is for my map, Zcordoba. Also there are a few dots that aren’t moving at all, those have been fixed, stupid func_dustmotes…

I think it looks good, but they move too fast.

Static stars.

Make it a particle effect instead, you will get proper perspective and it will look much better.

Why not make one thread about your zwonder thing, then post everything in there?

I think the stars shouldnt be moving at all, the sun and moon don’t move if you move over the surface of the earth because they are at a great distance from you. The stars are at an even greater distance from you ergo just like the sun and moon they shouldn’t be moving. If however you want a warp effect like some great scifi movies. I suggest that you put a particle emmitter with a custom particle in the skybox.

They look nice, but they should move a lot slower.

Damn it, I missread “Realistic Stairs”.

Check out how other people do it.

They have white streaks that move past the window to give the appearance of movement, but the starfields don’t move.

Maybe make them a tad blue as well, if you want a blueshift effect.

Personally I think the white streaks thing looks pretty horrible overall because it’s so clear they’re not part of the surrounding starfield it hurts

You think they’re supposed to be stars?

They could be, I guess, but I always thought of it as ice or tiny space debris.

Make it a particle effect? Which entity would that be? Halp.

With an info_particle_controler. ( not to sure about this one but just type in info particle and the automatic adding does the rest).
Good luck and have fun

use env_starfield, I believe that is what the name was.

Would be cooler if he made a custom one.

That only works so the stars fly against you. And if you move the camera around the effect breaks.

Wow, thanks for the links!

Im sorry to ask about this here, i know it has nothin about the topic to do. But that game, is it online?? I have actully never heard about it but it looks awsome.

Yes, it’s called eve online. x3 is sp only.

Ok, thanks :stuck_out_tongue: