Making RichText print black text?

Basically is it possible and if so how do you do it? Whenever the RGB values hit 0 so does the alpha. Not sure how to approach this as it’s an engine panel

Make them 0.1?

Logically that would work, but the opacity changes with each rgb value. It’s as if the way Richtext is creating colors through RGB is actually overlaying each base color at a particular alpha. When it hits 0, it doesn’t create a black, rather renders all colors with a 0 alpha. 0.1 with 0.1 alpha, so on so forth. Here’s what it basically is:

The text is highlighted to show that there is text there but isn’t visible.

This is why I’m asking if anyone knows if it’s possible and how.

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Ah, I see. The contrast of the background is what gives the color of the text it’s flair. So then how would I do it with a transparent background?

I know this is simple, but is your font additive set to true?

because I had this problem when trying to use black text since trying to add a value of 0 to a color results in nothing being added.

Yep that was it, jesus christ. Completely forgot to set that to false. It looks beautiful now!