making SCars ownable in DarkRP

Hey guys,
do someone know how I can make SCars ownable like doors in DarkRP?
I saw that on many DarkRP Servers and need the code of that.
I am not very good in LUA and need some help please!

Grettings LetsTutorial

Try the TDMCars Scars. I use them on my server and you can buy them using F2/reload with keys. Cheers.

The normal TDMCars?

Any cars by this guy:

Support for this was recently added in the official darkrp git repository. Update your darkrp (if you haven’t latest week) and try this (inside addentities):

timer.Simple(0, function()
AddCustomVehicle('DeLorean', 'models/delorean_prop.mdl', 200, nil, function(ply) return ply:Nick() == 'Marty McFly' end)
Note: the timer is mandatory because SCars load after DarkRP

okay thanks :=)