Making scripts for people for any gamemode

I just got through a bunch of stupid school shit, and life is dumb so I am going to be coding some shit to get my mind of things, also, I wouldn’t mind filling my workshop with some shit (I’ll also release Direct DL links)
So, anyone got any requests? No gamemodes, I’ll update gamemodes depending on how outdated they are, I may update addons, that depends.
I would prefer coding something from scratch, I would also prefer more behind the scenes stuff, I am bad at making menu’s, I make everything ugly. I can create temporary and usable menu’s however, just don’t expect something grand.
I’m also fine with re-creating scripts, aslong as there is a good reason to re-create them.
This is all free obviously, just in-case you were wondering, no catch.
I cannot make models either, so if you’re just looking for some scripts, like a script where if you shoot someone in their leg it breaks and their movement is slow, you have come to the right place.
HUD’s I am also shit at, anything visual, just so you know, if you request something that needs a menu, don’t get your hopes up on a ‘sleek’ menu.

Scripts so far:
Bullet tracer for TTT weapons (Highly customizable) [Direct] [Workshop]
Sandbox to Deathmatch
Easy Cords (Easily make spheres for your addons/maps without constantly doing trial and error, this will improve development time [Direct] [Workshop]
Customizable NPC Dealer (Can sell an item using pointshop points, originally made for Cinema to sell Popcorn, can be changed) [Direct] [Workshop]
Customizable Weapon Spawner (Set the weapon to spawn, and the times, saves for multiple maps ) [Direct] [Workshop]
Minimum Hours Needed (Set the minimum hours needed to join your server with /sethours num) [Direct] [Workshop]
Ban people when leaving when being slayed TTT ULX (use /slayset to set the settings, first argument is time player is banned for in minutes and second is reason, example “/slayset 10 left during slay”
sets the ban time for 10 minutes and the reason to “left during slay” [Direct] [Workshop]
DarkRP in game editor, edit jobs in game (Experimental);
[Direct] [Workshop]


Ermagod I wanna thank everyone so much for the support while I gained this milestone, thank you all! I love you all! Now I need to get 100 :3


yay :smiley:


lol. Anyways I like what you’re doing. If you need help with something feel free to add me on steam.

Re-make PooPee mod.

Something that removes certain scripter’s irritating comments regarding their name.
From all scripts,

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You’re a funny one aren’t you, can people stop teasing him, even if it is annoying, just let him be.

You any good with tracing and lasers? I’ve always wanted a tool to write co-ordinates for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Bullet trace script for ttt and sandbox? at least for TTT

Btw, if you could tell me how to do it by myself, that would be useful too

I’m not 100% sure what you two are requesting, can you be a bit more specific and provide an example?

mine would be like “when you shoot, a trace follows the bullet, like the TF2 machina”

Okay, why would this be useful, and how long would the trace line be?

The use would be for high-caliber sniper rifles, so the players can’t stay on the same spot the whole round, shooting people while no one notices, and traitors would need to relocate after shooting and that kind of stuff (tl;dr to add more difficulty for traitors when sniping)

Alright, I’ll see what I can do.

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Never done a script like this, but I got it working, it’s not worth putting on workshop so here, put it in lua/autorun/
Download and Source Code
If any other coders know a better way, please feel free to tell me, I love further advancing my coding knowledge.

This might be a bit too bespoke to be useful for most people, but here goes:

The basics is: a tool that can save the x,y,z positions of a spot that you’re looking at.

The next part of this would be to create zones (including height info), ideally from the tool itself and save those to a file so they can be used for other purposes; such as killing players who enter these zones, or triggering other things.

Think you can make a script that can block these three things in Sandbox?
Context Menu (C Menu)
Spawn Menu (Q Menu)

Reason? Quick and dirty DM server.

Alright, making both of these now.



Hey man I was wondering if you could make me a report system. It’s ok if it’s really ugly I can get the menu’s reskinned later lol.

Anyway I needed the report system to have the following:

Menu that can be brought up via chat command (!report)
Alerts admins a report has been received
Has a way for admins to say they’re responding to a report
Has a way for admins to note what happened during the reports
Saves all reports, who responded to them, the notes left by the admin,and the steamid’s and names of both the admin and reporting player, but reports can still be deleted if needed

Let me know if you’re able to do it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance ;-;

Hmm yep, I’ll get to it.

Thanks man! Btw what’s your steam profile link? :open_mouth:

It’s below his name…?