Making Sewers?

Whats the best way to make a sewer shaped tunnel i dont want to use carve :frowning:

cylinder with approximately 16 sides > make hollow > remove end pieces, tie walls to func_detail.

in the bottom right, with the brush tool selected, go to “Object” and select “Cylinder”

Take a cylinder and vertex manipulate brushes around it, like this:

Use the arch tool, then vertex edit to make it square on the outside

don’t hollow anything besides cubes, it is almost as bad as carving in terms of unnecessary brush count.

Make hollow is the same as carve.

oh shit really?


yea, use clip.

I just make 4 sides and make it really long then i subdivide the two walls and floor and ceiling( ONLY the inside, side of the 4 sides.)

Seems a little unnecessary, but that should work pretty well. A simple cylinder works fairly well for sewers normally.

Well it makes it look A LOT nicer.

Ignore everything else, listen to this man.