Making skin look like skin?

Not sure if I’m doing this right. Need some critique on this.

Looks too grainy, maybe reduce bump. Specular is too high.

Mainly the grainy look.

Something more like this?

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Not sure on this version of it.

Looks like a patchwork honestly.


I think it’s the bumpmap, making it look all fabric-y

I think St33m may be refering to woven fabric like this

You have skin, right? Observe it. Hold lights to it. Try to replicate it.

Don’t just look at your hand, observe your arms, chest, back of the hand, etc. The palms have a different texture than the back.

OP has cloth for skin

I guess it does look like some kinda cloth.

Maybe I should just stick to toon like skin?

As a rule of thumb, skin rarely has enough definition to leave visible marks, not counting the joints. And even there, it’s better to make merely the folds into a normal. You won’t really get this definition even on fingerprints.

Another thing to remember - skin is generally matte with a reddish soft scatter glow (from blood). Yours has a far too tight exponent.

Just shine flashlight on your hand.

Overall it’s a better idea to work blemishes, spots and the like into the albedo of a skin map, rather than into the normal.

no! do not limit yourself simply because you’re not getting it right immediately. if this is something that interests you, then it’s worth working on. don’t get discouraged, just keep working on it.

I’m not discouraging my self. It’s that your not going to see much detail from the skin because nobody really closely examines it too much when bodies fly everywhere.
They might see skin changes (Like the palms on darker skinned characters.) scars, freckles, and tattoos but that about it.