Making skins for models in SDK

I would like to know how to make additional skins for a sofa model (FurnitureCouch001a) in SDK. People that use SDK much know that you can choose the skin to use on the specific prop_phys/static on the map. Are there are tutorials I’ve missed, any nice examples maybe? It would help me really much!

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Thanks, oh, and by the way, if i import the vtf and vmt files for the skin in the .bsp file for the map. Will other people that play the map be able to see the skin after i’ve finished this process?

Use pakrat to add the vtf’s to the map when you compile. Basically what this does is makes all the models, textures etc that are not default, included in the map so that other people can see them. The process is pretty self explanitory.