Making something invisible with SetColor(Color())?

I’m having some difficulty with SetColor() - the alpha argument doesn’t seem to do anything.

elseif LocalPlayer() == self.Entity:GetOwner() then
(The rest of the code is irrelevant, because SetColor() sets the actual color just fine in the client’s view, but not the alpha for whatever reason.
If it really matters, I’m using code from this:
Since it’s pre-GM13, it just uses SetColor(0,0,0,0) to make the hats invisible in its owner’s view, but after fixing it for GM13 it’s not working (I’m not directly modifying any of the hats, I’m using them as a base).

Can anybody tell from this what the problem is?
Thanks a billion in advance!

You have to use SetRenderMode on it now to change the alpha channels.


Aww it’s always something really easy that I missed. Thanks a billion!