Making sure I start off on the right foot

First off all, I can’t believe I’ve missed gmod for the past 2-3 years, It’s such a wonderful tool/game!
I bought the game a few days ago (been playing on my cousins computer for a while :p) and has realized that gmod doesn’t come with all the cool stuff that my cousin had installed. So I searched around and installed wiremod, phx3 and the stargate pack.
Now I have a few questions to make sure I don’t get banned when I join a server.
What are the “rules” for RP servers (and where can I find dark RP).
Where can I find Space Build 3 and what are the recommended addons?
For the jumper (linked on the stargate pack page) How do I enable the cloak? I made a button changes from 1-0 but that doesnt seem to enable the cloak.

I look forward to playing with the great community here and hope to make some friends wink wink

That has alot of addons.

Ah thanks, I’ve found SB3 although I would like some help getting started so I don’t look like a noob? :]

Add me on steam. I will be on tommorow and I will be glad to help you.

Ah Thank you!
Uh could you add Me please? (YagerX)
Your steam ID doesn’t appear to be working.

Don’t get DarkRP, nobody plays it properly. And as for “rules”, it varies from server to server.

SB3, LS3, RD3 are all required to play SB3 (and are available at

I’ve just installed SB3, and thanks for the advice!