Making 'Swinging Doors'

Just a real quick question, does anyone know if there’s a way to make swinging doors in hammer, like the kind you’d see in an Old West style saloon?

A setup where the doors are pushed open on a hinge when the player walks into them and then swing back to there normal position.

phys_hinge because I have seen it used for the same purpose in a few maps before.

I’m not entirely sure how to make it swing back to it’s position, but a shot in the dark… phys_keepupright

Thanks, I’ll give that a try

Swing Doors

Tried the tutorial out of interest, and they won’t go back to center.

You could make brushes similar to the doors, tie them to a prop_door_rotating, and put a trigger in front and make them open fast and auto close. The only thing you wouldn’t get it the ‘Swing’ physics effect.