Making tags and groups etc.

I don’t understand what ‘sb_row’ is. I looked for it but couldn’t find it. I’m using a dedicated server called ClanPlanet.

sb_row is a lua file in TTT gamemode.

I couldn’t find it. also how would I edit it

It is located in garrysmod / garrysmod / gamemodes / terrortown / gamemode / vgui / sb_row.lua. You edit it by opening the file ( In a preferred code editor ) and actually editing it.

Nah I dont have that. what do I do now ._.

Delete your server and never install it again.

If you’ve played TTT on your server then you have it. Look again

They said that to me about sound files lol. anyway cheers. I looked again. I had to create the vgui folder myelf and go on a server to get it. (I have file problems like that the whole time lol)

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There’s a thing. it’s called patience. It’s my first server so calm down if I don’t get things right away.

I’d ask your host or reinstall if that’s the case, 'cuz it’s only going to cause errors down the line

You’re the one paying for hosting, and your host better help you if you’re having file/directory issues.
If they don’t, I’d suggest switching.