Making Team for Community Development .

I’m looking to get a group of people that in the long run will make a whole RP based gamemode from scratch. I have a domain name and server hosting, but i’m doing this more as a hobby not work. Warning: I’m almost 100% useless as all I can do is hammer and I have most of the main ideas and “stuff”.

Looking for Coder(s), Material maker(s) and modeler(s).

Add me on steam if interested: Bigalbroski

I can code pretty well but RP gamemode from scratch will be a lot of work. I can help if you want to me to recode the new RP that is coming out in october. I can do it over winterbreal. We can make the whole thing custom.

Aint nobody going to be doing anything for free :stuck_out_tongue:

We use days of lua coding and you get rich of donation.

fantastic another ideas guy

im a pro material maker and a modeler, here is a ~pro~ example of my work

its just for you, op

You must not understand that i’m not looking for free work. I’m looking for a group of people who want to make a community.

Can we see any photos of your hammer skills?

I’m tired of people trying to start up GMod communities when they know nothing about Lua. The coder should be the owner, things just go smoother that way and you’ll know what it is you’re trying to make. Flinging around money and hiring coders to write something in a language you can’t even understand isn’t going to turn out well for a number of reasons, besides the obvious ‘error in communication’ situation.

Well I can read some lua and understand what its doing but i’m not able to right it.