Making text appear ingame?

I’m trying to make an introductory paragraph of text appear in my first map, but it just doesn’t want to work.

I’m using a brush textured with the trigger texture (within which is an info_player_start entity), tied to a trigger_once entity named ‘spawnpoint’.

I’ve set the trigger’s output to target a game_text entity ‘onTrigger’, with ‘via this input’ set to ‘display’.

I’m pretty sure it should work, unless i’m not seeing something. Any help?

I’m having trouble seeing why, what are the flags on the trigger? Names of the entities? What game are you playing this map in?

I haven’t used game_text much, but I have triggered it once before, and it was very easy to do.

The game_text entity is named ‘credits’, and its ‘All players’ flag is checked.

The trigger brush is tied to a trigger_once entity named ‘spawnpoint’, and only its ‘Clients’ flag is checked.

The game hammer is configured for at the moment is Counter Strike: Source. I read somewhere that the game_text trigger isn’t for CS:S, but the entity is still available…

I’m playing the map however in Garry’s Mod.

Could it possibly be because i’m running the map with vvis and vrad set to fast?

Try adding using Half Life 2’s fgd, Counter-Strike Source’s fgd contains some entities that simply don’t work.
For instance, I tried using path_corner to define a lighting origin in that fgd, and it didn’t work until I added hl2’s fgd.

To do this, go to Tools > Options and look for “HalfLife2.fgd”

It may or may not work, but it’s worth a shot in the dark

Didn’t work :frowning:

Thanks for the help though. This is very strange…

Any other ideas, anyone?

Even setting the text to fade in as the Chapter Title Message in the Map Properties doesn’t work :confused:

I believe said entity (game_text) doesn’t work in Gmod. Check the map in HL2 or something.

game_text entity is broken in gmod, there’s no non-lua fix.


Ninja’d. :argh:

Huh. That’s annoying.

I’ll try experimenting with some other ways then…

Thanks for your help!