Making the Cut

Making the Cut

This is for GMod 13 only!

A game about watching your friends as they are launched off a cliff via spring.

Uhhh. So what you do is you cut a rope. From 10 different ropes. Oh, there should be only 4 players per session because that’s what we designed it around. But you can do more. I guess. Just don’t have more than 10. Because we aren’t even going to bother stopping you from doing it. Idiot.

Look it’s really late. This is dirt simple just pick a rope from one of the 10 and you may or may not get dunked.

Okay I’m gonna level with you here. It’s russian roulette. With ropes. Instead of a handgun. Or a revolver actually. If they used a handgun in russian roulette that would be pretty dumb, y’know, semi-automatic and all that.

Its 20 megabytes just get it from the toybo- workshop. Whatever. Here’s some images.

Okay I lied, that is a video. Here are images.





Download the thing here on toyb- WORKSHOP. (You need to be logged in and owning GMod 13 to see it)

-Foohy (Code)
-Sunabouzu (fabulous map, models, and materials)
-Clopsy (astounding icon)

Nice gamemode you guys made there. :slight_smile:

i am terrified

hello ladies.

I like the part when bodies of “sprung” players land on waiting players.

Sounds like a gaben.

“It’s a feature, not a bug!”

Haha, that’s pretty neat.

I could see this as part of a larger mini-games gamemode.

Good job!

Is this based of that minigame from Mario Party?

it even uses the music from it

the gamemode tends to break if someone quits in the middle of a round