Making the Hammer interface cleaner?

Not sure if this is threadworthy, but there should be more than one answer, so I was just wondering: how could I possibly make the interface of Hammer less cluttered (besides visgroups)?

Edit: suggestions thus far

Dotted grid
Removing manifests tabs
Removing toolbars

VisGroups? Do you mean cleaning up the actual user interface or the map?

i like to make sure the bar on the right is only two columns wide, it just seems to make it look much neater and spacious

Yeh, the manifests part is idiotically placed for most modern day screens.

But then the editor was designed originally for quake, and never really updated since.

Hammer really should just be re-written, it does all the wrong things.

I use dotted grid and sometimes move my toolbars onto my second monitor

The user interface itself. Any other suggestions?

There isn’t exactly much to clean up. Just haul the manifests under one of the others, so you have two columns instead of three. If you start to use other, more up to date engines, you will realise how uncluttered hammer is.

If you are really having problems, try taking your screen res out of 640x480.

I find that this setup works quite well on 1360×768:

No manifests box and therefore only one column on the right. It’s very clean and easy to work with.

What is the purpose of the manifests box? I’ve never actually seen it populated with anything in most of the Hammer configurations. It just seems to take up space and be positioned strangely.

It’s to do with particles or instances, I think. I’m probably wrong though.

Either I’m stupid and this already exist but there should be an easier way to cut circles and different shapes other than boxs out of blocks without using the carve tool. I know there is a way to make cylinders and such but not to cut out. They basically should just re-do carve in general imho

Carve should never be used. Clip what you need to, vertex edit the rest, never carve.

I hope in the new Source Engine you can edit on the fly like you can in CryEngine 3, that would save SO much time!

I’m expecting the editor to be based off the quake 2 editor. That way, i’m not disappointed when its based on the quake 2 editor.

Arch tool then vertexedit/clip is easy enough imo.

If you want to have hammer be less cluttered learn the keyboard shortcuts and untick all unnessecary toolbars in View -> Screen Elements

How do you get the hammer interface color black? I’d love to do that…

Its probably a windows theme.