Making the house look nice

I think the best way to get bandits to calm down, would be giving them something else to do, why not add wallpaper, couches, ect?

at a stage of development do you think those details are priority over content?

I think eventually some decoration items would be nice, but there is currently a long list of higher priority items.

You think these take priority over content in alpha stage?

Alpha stage is all about content and game-breaking bugs, other bugs and minor tweaks would be for late-alpha/early-beta

I don’t know where people get their idea’s about stages of testing. Alpha and beta are about testing end of. At what stage each stage starts depends on the company, but both alpha and beta are generally testing a near complete product to fix bugs and polish the product, which unfortunately isn’t what seems to happen with most of these early access games.

No Due to performance hit of loading objects for nothing