Making the skybox a func_detail

-snip- im stupid

Everything in the 3D skybox should be func_detail. There’s no reason to calculate visibility for something that will never block your view.

I mean making the actual skybox itself func_detail.

Are you referring to the skybox walls, where the skybox texture would be applied?

If so, I would definitely not make them into func_detail. They’re supposed to enclose the space, and if you make them func_detail, you’re going to be getting leaks.


Yea, that’s what I figured. I haven’t really noticed anything, but I guess it’s not something you can really see.

Any tips on what I can do then? It’s impossible to compile the map at this point if the skybox isn’t a func_detail.

you place a large func_viscluster in the skybox so vvis doesn’t do vvis calculations in it

Thank you, this works. I wish I knew this existed <3