Making things donator only

I have been running my garrys mod server for about 4 months now and the money has always come out of my own pocket. I have had people ask in the past if they can donate but i don’t really have a clue on how to set up a donation system. What i want to know is how do i make things donator only in the pointshop? Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

My server:

ITEM.AllowedUserGroups = { “donator” }

Thanks man, but now superadmins cant buy it. Would i put a new line in and change it to superadmin or put a comma after donator and add superadmin in there?

Add superadmin to that table.


You can also make some jobs doantor only too by restricting it to groups.

If you even looked at his GT link, then you would know it is Murder, not DarkRP.