Making train stop, then go again by button.

So I got a working train, but only goes one direction, then doesn’t work anymore.

I made the stop point go back to the start, but I set it to a speed of zero. I click the button, but it keeps going back and fourth.

I want to get it so it can start at one point, head to the other side of the city, stop. Then I click a button, and it goes through a different path back to the start point.

I’d make a video of what I have so far, but I can’t right now. It isn’t detailed enough.

func_tracktrain is a horrible entity that Valve should never have created. They replaced the old func_train with it, and we’re all the worse for it.


Go here to add “func_train” to your GMOD SDK

Just copy and paste what’s in the text box they provide into the garrysmod.fgd file in your main GMOD folder. You should probably back up the FGD file first.

I’m using func_tanktrain.

tanktrain? I’ve never used that. Either way, try the func_train I linked you to.