Making up a "real" animated texture

Hey guys im looking for a tutorial where i can animate a texture … not the kind of animation that “move” the texture on a way … but more like the animation by default on water, etc.
I have some lava textures but they arent animated and i would like to animate them, so it would look more realistic.

I Know that there is a way to animate the texture … else how valve did created the water ?

Thanks for any help

I believe water is made using an animated bump map. I think the rest is covered inside the VMT of the water.

Import multiple images at once into VTFEdit and select animated texture. This will make a VTF which has multiple frames which can then be cycled however you like with a material proxy.
The same can be done to make custom cubemaps, using environment texture instead of animated.
There’s also a third for something, but I never managed to figure out what it’s used for or how to use it.

Animated textures are usually made out of 10 to 30 frames which are controlled by the vmt.
I really don’t know how to make those though:/