Making uTime admin only

All i want to do is make uTime visible by admin only. Im not exactly sure which lua file i would edit to do that, or what exactly to type. I dont think it would be too complicated, so if you guys could help me that would be AWESOME. Thanks! uTime:

throw Player:IsAdmin() checks in here:

Ok, so it’s kinda working… I changed UniqueID To IsAdmin on the 2nd link, and IsConnected to IsAdmin on the third link, but i wasn’t sure what to change on the first one. Results: Now users can see their own time (That’s fine to me) and i can see everyone’s like it was meant to be, but moderators and admins cant see anyone’s, not even their self’s. I don’t mind keep seeing your own time, im not sure what did that, but that’s fine. At minimum, i would like the fix staff seeing their own/others time. Thanks

He meant add a check, not replace an existing check.

well, im not familiar with the terms when coding, could anyone please tell me what a check is .-.

if (conditions) then //do stuff

so, I’m still slightly confused, and i greatly appreciate the help im getting, in this case would it be: “if IsAdmin then //” that is me guessing… Would i put that under the function onJoin ( ply )

Example (Line 42):

 if not utime_enable:GetBool() or not IsValid( LocalPlayer() ) or 

Adding the “Check” to see if they are admin means to just add “IsAdmin()” to he if/then line.
So with the check it would look like:

if not utime_enable:GetBool() or not IsValid( LocalPlayer() ) or not ply:IsAdmin() or

For whatever reason it had an “or” at the end so i stuck it back on. So basically copy what i did to the 3 lines Handsome Matt posted.
If that doesnt work change ply: to LocalPlayer():

[lua]if ( not utime_enable:GetBool() or not LocalPlayer():IsValid() or not LocalPlayer():IsAdmin or not LocalPlayer():IsSuperAdmin() ) then[/lua]