making vehicles and advance commands


Making vehicles and advance commands in hammer.

Ok i need help i dont know how to make a vehicle in hammer with turning tires and all
like when you are in you can click a button to slowly open the hood or something like that.

I would like to make something like GM_mobenix_v3 his tunneleditor tractor.

If anyone could give links to tuts for these commands or tell me or walk me through them some time it would be much appreciated


Those were done in lua.

How would i get ahold of the person that made GM_mobenix that would be helpfull

Hmm…I was hoping to see if its possible to make a brush based vehicle with wheels that turn. :frowning:

There are lots of flying, pilotable brush-based vehicles in the old css zombiemod maps. There were cars/trucks too but the wheels didn’t turn :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm button activated rotation wheels? I don’t see how turning would be possible maybe a closed track.

I don’t know much of what Source has to offer since I’m used to mapping for Quake. Not quite as many functions to use. I don’t think theres any good way to do it soley with Hammer.

Edit: Cheater99 posted while I was typing but his post supports my no turning statement. Flying seems more possible and quite more interesting.

Brush-based vehicles are very possible.

Brush based vehicles are easy to make, Just not as easy on CS 1.6 since Source has physics which collides with the player. :gizz:

thanks for the link i ask in there so im waiting a responce
anywho umm might anyone be able to make a forklift with some advance things on it?

if you might be willing to help me could you add me GREYJUSTICAR steam ID because there is a couple extra features that i think need to be on it

Thanks in advance if there is anyone or thanks for respond so far with comments