making vehicles roll after exiting?

Any way to do this? I am making a few mods and I want the vehicles to roll to a stop instead of stop on a dime. cant seem to find a section in the vehicle scripts that would allow for this, any ideas?

Apply force to a part of the vehicle once a player exits, try in the Lua forum.

i got the “barrel roll” song in my head now because i saw the thread title

sorry, i guess I should be a little clearer, I need the vehicle to roll once i fire turnoff at it, the vehicle should still stop when the player has left, im thinking i can use pimpmyride to modify the torque factor, but im not sure how to use it. I will ask in the lua section. Thanks!

You could put a truster on it
Then wire it to a inverse gate, then to a pod controller-active and then to the car.

So when not active the truster will be turned on. (: