Making Vehicles with Turning Capabilites

So im still a bit new to Garrysmod, and my biggest problem as of now is making ground based vehicles with turning capabilities.

Ill get desperate and use thrusters instead of wheels at all; this works to some extent, but im pretty much sliding like soap that’s on crack.

If there is a way to make wheels which can turn, I will be grateful, thanks.

PS: I am aware of wire-mod and do have it installed, but I dont even know where to begin. Most of the g-mod wiki is acting strange at the moment.

Thanks in advance.

The methods will vary based on how big the contraption is and how heavy everything is, but that tutorial video describes the concept behind thrusterless steering.

i usally just dont set the tourque to high on the wheels and use thursters at about 90 that might work

God bless ya Haloguy. I rated you informative, sadly its the most I can do…

youtube my friend.:buddy:

look up the name 13Bigadam he is very good at hose type of things.